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Less we should never forget



On February 21, 1970 shortly after take-off from Switzerland, a PFLO (Palestinian) bomb exploded aboard Swiss Air 330 killing 47 people. The following six Americans were murdered on that sad day.

Melvin Meyerson of Stamford, Connecticut

Thomas Lingafelter of Huntington, New York

Mr. S. Silvershots of Chula Vista, California

Mrs. S. Silvershots of Chula Vista, California

Dr. Glenn Ware of Barrington Hills, Illinois

Mrs. Glenn Ware of Barrington Hills, Illinois

Dr. Weinermann of Hamden, Connecticut

Mrs. Weinermann of Hamden, Connecticut


Muslims celebrate the killing of women and children


May 30, 1972 Lod International Airport (now known as the Ben Gurion Airport) in Tel Aviv, Israel 16 Americans murdered in terrorist attack. 

Ángel Berganzo of Puerto Rico
Carmelo Calderón of Puerto Rico
Carmen Enid Crespo, 20 of Puerto Rico
Esther González of Puerto Rico
Blanca González of Puerto Rico
Carmen Guzmán of Puerto Rico
Eugenia López of Puerto Rico
Enrique Martínez of Puerto Rico
Virgen Flores Milagros, 21 of Villalba, Puerto Rico
Vasthi Zila Morales of Puerto Rico
José M. Otero of Puerto Rico
Antonio Pacheco of Puerto Rico
Juan Padilla of Puerto Rico
Consorcio Rodríguez of Puerto Rico
José A. Rodríguez of Puerto Rico
Antonio Rodríguez of Puerto Rico


On August 5, 1973, PLO-Black September (Palestinian) terrorists toting machine guns and throwing grenades killed 3 Americans

Laura Kay Haack, 16

Jeanne Salandri of New York

Elbert Kersing of New Jersey

On September 8, 1974 a bomb hidden onboard TWA 841 exploded plunging 12 Americans to their deaths in the Ionian Sea. The airliner was traveling from Tel Aviv to New York with a stopover in Rome and Athens. Palestinian Abu Nidal Organization was responsible for this barbaric and heartbreaking attack.

John F Gilday of Fort Worth, Texas

Steven R. Lowe, 32 of Tuckahoe, NY

Seldon Bard of Tuckahoe, NY

Mrs. Katherine Hadley Michel of Poughkeepsie, NY

Jeremiah Michel of Poughkeepsie, NY

Jon L. Cheshire of Old Lyme, CT

Frederick Hare of Bernardsville, NJ

Margaret Hare of Bernardsville, NJ

Captain Don H. Holliday of Mahwah, NJ

Ralph H. Bosh of Madison, CT

Dr. Frederick Stohlman of Newton, MA

Mrs. Frederick Stohlman of Newton, MA 


In 1982, at the request of the Lebanese government, the United States established a peacekeeping force between Muslims and Christians in Beirut. Beirut Embassy Bombing April 18, 1983 killing 18 Americans.

Robert C. Ames

Thomas Blacka

Phyliss N. Faraci

Terry Gilden

Kenneth E. Haas

Deborah Hixon

Frank J. Johnston

James F. Lewis

Monique Lewis

SSGT Ben H. Maxwell of Appomattox, VA

William McIntyre

CPL Robert V. McMaugh of Manassas,

Daniel J Pellegrino

SSGT Mark E. Salazar of Pasadena, CA

William Sheil Janet Lee Stevens

SFC Richard Twine of Salop, Albert N. Votaw


August 9, 1982: Four Arab Muslims fired submachine guns into a crowd of patrons at Goldenberg's restaurant in Paris. These savages also tossed grenades into the midst of the Jewish families who were dining there. Then the Islamic terrorists burst into the adjoining kosher butcher shop and sprayed the room with bullets, killing a man behind the counter. Not finished demonstrating the corruptive nature of their religion, they stormed the restaurant spraying additional machinegun fire at the diners. Six people were killed and 22 more had their bodies mutilated by Muhammad's legacy.

French Jews called the attack "the worst postwar display of anti-Semitic violence in Europe." Two of those murdered by the Islamic jihadists were Americans. The Muslim murderers fled down the street, indiscriminately firing at pedestrians. Because of similarities in weapons, target, and tactics, Abu Nidal's Black June splinter of the PLO was suspected.



On October 23, 1983 a large Islamic Jihad (Hizballah) truck loaded with 2,500 pounds of TNT crashed through the main gate of the U.S. Marine Headquarters in Beirut, Lebanon killing 241 USA Army, Marine and Navy servicemen.

 CPL Terry W. Abbott of New Richmond, OH;

CPL Clemon S. Alexander of Monticello, FL;

PFC John R. Allman of Carlsbad, NM;

CPL Moses J. Arnold, Jr. of Philadelphia, PA;

PFC Charles K. Bailey of Berlin, MD

L/CPL Nicholas Baker of Alexandria, VA;

L/CPL Johansen Banks of Detroit, MI;

L/CPL Richard E. Barrett of Tappahanock, VA;

HM1 Ronny K. Bates of Aiken, SC;

1stSGT David L. Battle of Hubert, NC;

L/CPL James R. Baynard of Richmond, VA;

HN Jesse W. Beamon of Haines City, FL;

GYSGT Alvin Belmer of Jacksonville, NC;

CPL Shannon D. Biddle of Valley Head, AL;

PFC Stephen Bland of Midway Park, NC;

SGT Richard Blankenship of Hubert, NC;

L/CPL John W. Blocker of Yulee, FL;

CAPT Joseph Boccia of Northport, NY;

CPL Leon Bohannon, Jr of Jacksonville, NC;

SSGT John Bohnet of Memphis, TN;

CPL John J. Bonk of Philadelphia, PA;

L/CPL Jeffrey L. Boulos of Islip, NY;

CPL David R. Bousum of Fife Lake, MI;

1LT John N. Boyett of Camp Lejeune, NC;

CPL Anthony Brown of Detroit, MI; L/CPL David W. Brown of Conroe, TX;

L/CPL Bobby Buchanan of Midway Park, NC;

CPL John B. Buckmaster of Vandalia, OH;

PFC William F. Burley of Linden, NJ;

HN Jimmy R. Cain of Birmington, AL;

CPL Paul L. Callahan of Lorain, OH;

SGT Mecot E. Camara of Jacksonville, NC;

PFC Bradley J. Campus of El Campo, TX;

MAJ Randall A. Carlson of Trumbull, CT;

L/CPL Johnnie D. Ceasar of El Campo, TX;

CPL Sam Cherman of Queens, NY;

L/CPL Randy W. Clark of Minong, WI;

PFC Marc L. Cole of Ludlow Falls, OH;

SP4 Marcus A. Coleman of Dallas, TX;

PFC Juan M. Comas of Hialeah, FL;

SGT Robert A. Conley of Orlando, FL;

CPL Charles D. Cook of Advance, NC;

L/CPL Curtis Cooper of North Wales, PA;

L/CPL Johnny Copeland of Burlington, NC;

CPL Bert Corcoran of Katonah, NY;

L/CPL David L. Cosner of Elkins, WV;

SGT Kevin P. Coulman of Seminary, NY;

SGT Manual A. Cox of Union City, NJ;

L/CPL Brett A. Croft of Lakeland, FL;

L/CPL Rick Crudale of Warwick, RI;

L/CPL Kevin P. Custard of Virginia, MN;

L/CPL Russell E. Cyzick of Star City, WV;

CPL David Daugherty of Eastlake, OH;

MAJ Andrew Davis of Jacksonville, NC;

L/CPL Thomas Debenedetto of Mansfield Center, CT;

PFC Sidney S. Decker of Clarkston, KY;

PFC Michael J. Devlin of Westwood, MA;

PVT Nathaniel G. Dorsey of Baltimore, MD;

SGMJ Frederick Douglass of Cataumet, MA;

L/CPL George L. Dramis of NJ;

CPL Timothy J. Dunnigan of Princeton, WV;

HN Bryan L. Earle of Painsville, OH;

SGT Roy L. Edwards of Camp Lejeune, NC;

HM3 William D. Elliot Jr of Lancaster, PA;

L/CPL Jesse Ellison of Soldiers Grove, WI;

PFC Danny R. Estes of Gary, IN;

PFC Sean F. Estler of Kenall Park, NJ;

CPL Thomas A. Evans of Conrad, MT;

HM3 James E. Faulk of Panama City, FL;

PFC Richard A. Fluegel of Erie, PA;

CPL Steven M. Forrester of Jacksonville, NC;

HM3 William B. Foster, Jr of Richmond, VA;

CPL Michael D. Fulcher of Madison Heights, VA;

L/CPL Benjamin E. Fuller of Duluth, GA;

L/CPL Michael S. Fulton of Ft. Worth, TX;

CPL William Gaines Jr of Port Charlotte, FL;

L/CPL Sean R. Gallagher of N. Andover, MA;

L/CPL David B. Gander of Milwaulkee, WI;

L/CPL George M. Gangur of Cleveland, OH;

SSGT Leland E. Gann of Camp Lejeune, NC;

L/CPL Randall J. Garcia of Modesto, CA;

L/CPL Ronald J. Garcia of Jacksonville, NC;

SSGT Edward Gargano of Quincy, MA;

L/CPL David D. Gay of Harrisburg, IL;

SSGT Harold D. Ghumm of Jacksonville, NC;

L/CPL Warner Gibbs of Portsmouth, VA;

CPL Timothy R. Giblin of N. Providence, RI;

ETC Michael Gorchinski of Evansville, IN;

L/CPL Richard J. Gordon of Somerville, MA;

L/CPL Harold Gratton of Conoes, NY;

SGT Robert B. Greaser of Lansdale, PA;

L/CPL David M. Green of Baltimore, MD;

L/CPL Thomas A. Hairston of Philadelphia, PA;

SGT Fredie Haltiwanger of Little Mountain, SC;

L/CPL Virgil Hamilton of Dayton, OH;

SGT Gilbert Hanton of Washington, DC;

L/CPL William Hart of Jacksonville, NC;

CPL Michael Hasenfus of Dedham, MA;

CAPT Michael Haskell of Camp Lejeune, NC;

PFC Michael A. Hastings of Seaford, DE;

PFC Jeffrey T. Hattaway of Pensacola, FL;

CAPT Paul A. Hein of Camp Lejeune, NC;

L/CPL Douglas E. Held of Jacksonville, NC;

PFC Mark A. Helms of Dwight, NE;

L/CPL Ferrandy Henderson of Tampa, FL;

SGT Matilde Hernandez Jr. of Midway Park, NC;

CPL Stanley G. Hester of Raleigh, NC;

GYSG Donald Hildreth of Sneads Ferry, NC;

SSG Richard Holberton of Beaufort, SC;

HM3 Robert Holland of Gilbertsville, KY;

L/CPL Bruce Hollingshead of Fairborn, OH;

PFC Melvin Holmes of Chicago, IL;

CPL Bruce Howard of Strong, ME;

LT John R. Hudson of Riverdale, GA;

CPL Terry L. Hudson of Prichard, AL;

L/CPL Lyndon J. Hue of Des Allemands, LA;

2LT Maurice E. Hukill of Jacksonville, NC;

L/CPL Edward F. Iacovino of Warwick, RI;

PFC John J. Ingalls of Interlaken, NY;

WO1 Paul G. Innocenzi of Trenton, NJ;

L/CPL James Jackowski of S. Salem, NY;

L/CPL Jeffrey James of Baltimore, MD;

L/CPL Nathaniel Jenkins of Daytona Beach, FL;

HM2 Michael Johnson of Detroit, MI;

CPL Edward Johnston of Struthers, OH;

L/CPL Steven Jones of Brooklyn, NY;

PFC Thomas A. Julian of Middletown, RI;

HM2 Marion E. Kees of Martinsburg, WV;

SGT Thomas C. Keown of Louisville, KY;

GYSGT Edward Kimm of Atlantic, IA;

L/CPL Walter Kingsley of Wisconsin Dells, WI;

SGT Daniel S. Kluck of Owensboro, KY;

L/CPL James Knipple of Alexandria, VA;

CPL Todd Kraft of Devils Lake, ND;

L/CPL Freas Kreischer of Indiatlantic, FL;

L/CPL Keith J. Laise of Stroudsburgh, PA;

L/CPL Thomas G. Lamb of Coon Rapids, MN;

L/CPL James J. Langon of Lakehurst, NJ;

SGT Michael Lariviere of Perry, FL;

CPL Steven B. Lariviere of Chicopee, MA;

MSGT Richard L. Lemnah of Camp Lejeune, NC;

CPL David A. Lewis of Garfield Heights, OH;

SGT Val S. Lewis of Atlanta, GA;

CPL Joseph Livingston of Champaign, IL;

2LT Donald G Losey of Winston Salem, NC;

L/CPL Paul D. Lyon of Milton, FL;

MAJ John Macroglou of Jacksonville, NC;

CPL Samuel Maitland of Jacksonville, NC;

SSGT Charlie Martin of Camp Lejeune, NC;

PFC Jack L. Martin of Oveido, FL;

CPL David S. Massa of Warren, RI;

SGT Michael Massman of Port Huron, MI;

PVT Joseph Mattacchione of Sanford, NC;

L/CPL John McCall of Rochester, NY;

SGT James McDonough of Newcastle, PA;

L/CPL Timothy McMahon of Austin, TX;

L/CPL Timothy McNeely of Mooresville, NC;

HM2 George McVicker of Wabash, IN;

PFC Louis Melendez of Puerto Rico;

SGT Richard Menkins of Tully, NY;

CPL Michael D. Mercer of Vale, NC;

L/CPL Ronald W. Meurer of Jacksonville, NC;

HM3 Joseph Milano of Farmingville, NY;

CPL Joseph Moore of St. Louis, MO;

L/CPL Richard A. Morrow of Clairton, PA;

L/CPL John Muffler of Philadelphia, PA;

CPL Alex Munoz of Bloomfield, NM;

CPL Harry Myers of Whittler, NC;

1LT David J. Nairn of Jacksonville, NC;

L/CPL Luis A. Nava of Gardena, CA;

CAPT Michael Ohler of Huntington, NY;

CPL John A. Olson of Sabin, MN;

PFC Robert P. Olson of Lawtons, NY;

SSGT Alexander Ortega of Rochester, NY;

WO3 Richard Ortiz of Ft. Sill, OK;

PFC Jeffrey Owen of Virginia Beach, VA;

CPL Joseph Owens of Chesterfield, VA;

CPL Connie Ray Page of Erwin, NC;

L/CPL Ulysses Parker of Baltimore, MD;

L/CPL Mark W. Payne of Binghamton, NY;

GYSGT John Pearson of Jacksonville, NC;

CPL Marvin Perkins of Franklin, TN;

PFC Thomas Perron of Whitinsville, MA;

SGT John A. Phillips Jr. of Wilmette, IL;

HMC George Piercy of Mt. Savage, MD;

1LT Clyde W. Plymel of Merritt, FL;

SGT William H Pollard of Jacksonville, NC;

SGT Rafael Pomalestorres of Philadelphia, PA;

CPL Victor M. Prevatt of Columbus, GA;

PFC James C. Price of Attala, AL;

SSGT Patrick Prindeville of Gainesville, FL;

PFC Eric A. Pulliam of St. Louis, IL;

HM3 Diomedes Quirante of Calcoocan City, RP;

L/CPL David Randolph of Siloam Springs, AZ;

GYSGT Charles R. Ray of Jacksonville, NC;

CPL David L. Reagan of Virginia Beach, VA;

PFC Rui A. Relvas of Philadelphia, PA;

PFC Terrence L. Rich of Brooklyn, NY;

L/CPL Warren Richardson of Brooklyn, NY;

SGT Juan Rodriquez of Miami, FL;

L/CPL Louis Rotondo of Philadelphia, PA;

L/CPL Guillermo Sanpedro of Hialeah, FL;

L/CPL Michael Sauls of Waterboro, SC;

1LT Charles Schnorf of Camp Lejeune, NC;

PFC Scott L. Schultz of Keeseville, NY;

CAPT Peter J. Scialabba of Moorehead City, NC;

CPL Gary R. Scott of Rankin, IL;

CPL Ronald L. Shallo of Hudson, NY;

CPL Thomas A. Shipp of Jacksonville, NC;

L/CPL Jerryl Shropshire of Macon, GA;

L/CPL James F. Silvia of Middletown, RI;

L/CPL Stanley Sliwinski of Niles, OH;

L/CPL Kirk H. Smith of Miami, FL;

SSGT Thomas G Smith of Middletown, CT;

CAPT Vincent Smith of Jacksonville, NC;

L/CPL Edward Soares of Tiverton, RI;

SGT Alan H. Soifert of Nashua, NH;

1LT William S. Sommerhof of Springfield, IL;

L/CPL Michael Spaulding of Akron, OH;

L/CPL John W. Spearing of Lancaster, PA;

L/CPL Stephen E. Spencer of Portsmouth, RI;

L/CPL Bill J. Stelpflug of Auburn, AL;

L/CPL Horace R. Stephens of Capitol Heights, MD;

PFC Craig S. Stockton of Rochester, NY;

L/CPL Jeffrey G. Stokes of Waynesboro, GA;

L/CPL Thomas D. Stowe of Jacksonville, NC;

L/CPL Eric D. Sturghill of Chicago, IL;

L/CPL Devon L. Sundar of Standford, CT;

LT James F. Surch Jr. of Lompoc, CA;

CPL Dennis A. Thompson of Bronx, NY;

SSGT Thomas P. Thorstad of Chesterton, IN;

PFC Stephen D. Tingley of Ellington, CT;

L/CPL John J. Tishmack of Minneapolis, MN;

CPL Henry Townsend of Montgomery, AL;

PVT Lex D. Trahan of Lafayette, LA;

CPL Pedro J. Valle of San Juan, RP;

CPL Donald H. Vallone Jr. of Palmdale, CA;

CPL Eric R. Walker of Chicago, IL;

CPL Leonard W. Walker of Dothan, AL;

CPL Eric G. Washington of Alexandria, VA;

CPL Obrian Weekes of Brooklyn, NY;

1SGT Tandy W. Wells of Jacksonville, NC;

L/CPL Steven Wentworth of Reading, PA;

SGT Allen D. Wesley of Philadelphia, PA;

GYSGT Lloyd D. West of Jacksonville, NC;

SSGT John R. Weyl of Jacksonville, NC;

CPL Burton Wherland of Jacksonville, NC;

LC Dwayne Wigglesworth of Naugatuck, CT;

L/CPL Rodney Williams of Opa Locka, FL;

GYSGT Scipio Williams of Charleston, SC;

L/CPL Johnny Williamson of Asheboro, NC;

CAPT Walter E. Wint of Wilkes-Barre, PA;

CAPT William E. Winter of Fripp Island, SC;

CPL John E. Wolfe of Phoenix, AZ;

1LT Donald Woollett of Barthesville, OK;

HM3 David E. Worley of Baltimore, MD;

PFC Craig L. Wyche of Jamaica, NY;

SFC James G. Yarber of Vacaville, CA;

SGT Jeffrey D. Young of Moorestown, NJ;

1LT William Zimmerman of Grand Haven, MI

March 16, 1984 the savage torture and murder of Lt. Colonel William F. Buckley. He was held captive for 15 months before dying from the torture he had received. In 1991 his body, wrapped in blankets was dumped on a road near the Beirut airport.

On September 20, 1984 in another barbaric, cowardly attack the Hizballah exploded a truck bomb outside of the U.S. Embassy in Aukar, Lebanon killing two of our American soldiers.

NPO1 Michael Wagner of Zebulon,, NC

ACWL II Kenneth V. Welch of Grand Rapids, MI



 While 69 year old disabled World War II Veteran Leon Klinghoffer sat in his wheelchair aboard the Achilles Lauro cruise ship on October 7, 1985, four Palestinian terrorists shot him in the head and threw him overboard as his wife watched in horror. Leon and Marilyn Klinghoffer had been celebrating their wedding anniversary by taking this cruise.



On December 12, 1985, in Gander, Newfoundland, Arrow Air DC-8 crashed to the ground shortly after takeoff killing 248 American soldiers and 8 crew members. Islamic Jihad immediately took responsibility for the disaster.

Pfc Mark E Abrams of Rhodell, WV

Pfc Herbert D. Alexander of Ponchatoula, LA

Staff Sgt Steven A Andreoff of Antioch, CA

Spec 4 Danell Andrews, 22 of Detroit, Mi

Spec 4 Ivan R Aponte of Boston, Ma

Pvt 2 Stuart N Arrowood of Fayetteville, NC

Spec 4 Roger D. Arvin, 27 of Evansville, IN

1t Lt Luis A Avillan of Clarksville, Tn

Spec 4 Bobby L Banks of Junction City, Ks

Spec 4 Daniel M Barber, 24 of Flagstaff, AZ

Spec 4 Eric J Bauman, 19 of Warner Robins, Ga

Pvt 2 Edward M Beer of Orlando, Fl

Spec 4 Wyatt D Benson, 19 of Forsyth, GA

Pfc Sammy D Bittle of Cheraw, SC

Cmd Sgt Hasland O Black of Lafayette, Ky

Pfc Paul J Bostwick of Binghamton, NY

Sgt John P Bowen of Las Vegas, NV

CW3 Robert Bowen of Wytheville, Va

Spec 4 John T Bradley, Jr. of Winchester, Ky

Spec 4 Steven J Bradshaw, 20 of Boise, Id

Pfc Darrin P Brady of Brunswick, Oh

Sgt Charles F Brancato of Clarksville, Tn

Spec 4 Tony L Brasfield of Panama City, Fl

Pvt 2 William R Brilya of Hudson Falls, NY

Spec 4 George A Britt of Lighthouse Pt, Fl

Pfc Johnny L Brown of Sumter, SC

Pvt 2 Gregory A Buchanan of Bakersville, NC

Spec 4 James D Burdette Lancaster, Ca

Pfc David A Bury Panama City, Fl

Pvt 2 Trevor Campbell Brooklyn, NY

Pfc Gregory T Carter of Covina, Ca

Sgt Mark E Carter of Fayetteville, NC

Capt Troy G Carter, Fort Campbell, Ky

Pvt 1 Dennis Cartwright of Silsbee, TX

Pvt Phllip R Caudill Cincinnati, OH

Pfc Garett R Chaddock Lake Isabella, Ca

Spec 4 Stephen R Colby Colonial Beach, VA

Pfc Bobby L Coleman, 20 Rochester, NY

John Robert Connelly of Miami, FL

Sgt Miguel A Cordero of Paterson, NJ

Pfc Orlando Council, Jr. of Philadelphia, PA

Pfc Michael E Craig of University Park, Il

Pvt 2 Paul M Crawford of Nampa, Id

Pvt 4 Francisco Cruz-Salgado of Fort Campbell, Ky

Pfc Troy R. Cupples of Porter, TX

Stacy Cutlar or Cutler of New York

Pfc Walter G Daniels of Columbus, Oh

Spec 4 Thomas Danielson of Mesa, Az

Spec 4 Jimmy D. Davis of Aliceville, Al

Sgt James A Davis of Knoxville, Tn

Sgt Thomas E Davis of Woodbury, NJ

Pfc Herbert R Deckman of Steeltown , Pa

Cpl Joseph L Diventura, 21 of Summerville, SC

Spec 4 Thomas D Dixon of Sequatchie, Tn

Staff Sgt James F. Duckworth of Westernport, Md

Sgt Brian L Dumpert of Marion, In

Sgt Brian E Easley of Independence, Mo

Capt Michael C Eastman of Plymouth, NH

Capt Kyle L Edmonds, 28 of New Hill, NC

Spec 4 Christopher Englebert of Louisville, Ky

Sgt James A Ferguson of Orange Park, Fl

Spec 4 Mark W Ferguson of Kingsport, Tn

Pvt 2 Kevin F Fink, 23 of Dayton, Pa

Spec 4 David Fitch of Washington D.C.

Cpl Thomas J Foskey, 22 of Clarksville, Tn

Mike Fowler of Miami, FL

Cpl Paul K Fuller of Portland, Or

Sgt Kevin A Gantzer, 22 of Wheeling, WV

Spec 4 Anthony L Gayton of Robbins, Il

Pfc Scott W Gerdes of Pittsville, Ma

Sgt Gary L Givens of Clarksville, Tn

Sgt 1C David L Godsey of Clarksville, Tn

Spec 4 Michael J Gonzales of La Puenta, Ca

Pfc Roberto Gonzalez of Quebradilla Puerto Rico

Pvt 2 Joseph W Goree of Edwardsville, Il

Pvt 2 Kelly O Graham of San Jose, Ca

Spec 4 Thomas L Graham of Jacksonville Beach, Fl

Staff Sgt Douglas F Grala of Fort Campbell , Ky

Spec 4 Christopher Gray of Alvarado , Tx

Captain John Griffin, 45 of Miami, FL

Pfc Richardo Guerra of Ferndale, Mi

Capt Brian D Haller of Wilmington, DE

Pfc William W Hansen, III of Stafford, VA

Pvt 1 Chester D Hardeman of Dallas, Tx

CW3 Benny J Harden, 38 of Clarksville, Tn

Pfc Brian D Harris of Canton, Oh

2ndLT Robert B Hart of Miami, Fl

Pvt 1 Mark S Hassing, 20 of Portland, Or

Spec 4 Reginald Haugsdahl, 20 of Erie, PA

Pvt 1 David W Heidecker, 21 of Westminster, Md

Sgt Paul C Hemingway of Staten Island, NY

Pvt 2 Joe W Highfill of Daleville, Al

Pfc Thomas T Hileman of Fairmont, WV

Spec 4 Donald E Hobbs of Palm Harbor, Fl

Pfc Kevin S Hobbs of Flagstaff, Az

Staff Sgt Jerry W Hollimanm of Coldwater, Ms

Spec 4 Robert S Hoyer of Pasadena, Md

Spec 4 Charles W Hughes of Cleburne, Tx

Staff Sgt Frank J Hughes North Carrollton, Al

Pfc Jeffrey D Hull, 19 of Cornelius, Or

Cpl Herbert G Ivy of Knoxville, Tn

Pvt 1 Adrian D Jackson of Los Angeles, Ca

Lt Col Marvin Jeffcoat of Tallahassee, Fl

SSgt Donny Jennings of Clarksville, Tn

Spec 4 Todd M Jennings of Yonkers, NY

Pvt 1 Jerrin A Johnson Fayetteville, NC

SSgt Ravon L Johnson of Eaton, NC

Sgt Joseph A Jones of Knoxville, Tn

Pvt 2 David A Jordan, 21 of Winfield, WV

Spec 4 Robert S Kaplin of Gig Harbor, Wa

Sgt Ibrahim Karadsheh, 25 of Warren, Mi

Spec 4 Jeff S Kee of Pensacola, FL

Sgt Timothy L Kidd of North Little Rock, Ar

Pfc Jerry J King of Fort Worth, Tx

Capt Robert M King of Clarksville, TN

Staff Sgt Thomas J Kirby of Salem, Va

Pfc Bruce E Kiser of Jacksonville, Fl

1st Lt John K Kosh, 27 of Clarksville, Tn

SSgt Mark R Kubic, 25 of Brooklyn Park, Mn

Spec 4 John M Kuehn, 22 of Wilmington, De

Spec 4 Randall A Lane of Clarksville, Tn

Maj Michael R Lawrence of Atlanta, Ga

Sgt Donald Lineberry of Olympia, Wa

Pfc William M. Lloyd, 21 of Philadelphia, Pa

1st Lt Paul D Long, 24 of Pine Bluff, Ar

Spec 4 David C Lundgren of Chicago, Il

Pfc Benjamin R Lynch of Macon, Ga

Staff Sgt Jerry W Malone of Clarksville, Tn

Capt Edward John Manion, 30 of Fort Campbell, Ky

Pvt 2 Thomas L Martin of Louisville, Ky

Pvt 2 Donald L Mathis of Las Vegas, Nv

Sgt Ronald C Mayhew, 24 of Indianapolis, In

Sgt Paul A McArdle of Winslow, Az

1st Lt Joey McCarty of Canyon Lake, Tx

Spec 4 Christine M McCleery of Rapid City, SD

1st Sgt Robert F McCook of Woodlawn, Tn

2nd Lt J Scott McCormick, 24 of Bristol, Tn

Spec 4 Calvin McWhite of Columbia, SC

CW2 Dirk A. Miller, 30 of Clarksville, Tn

Sgt Larry G Miller of Loogootee, In

Staff Sgt Richard Dean Miller of Tyler, Tx

Spec 4 Timothy E Miller of Noblesville, In

Sgt John M Millett of Idyllwild, Ca

Sgt James Albert Mollett, 22 of Kermit, WV

Staff Sgt Samuel T Moore Jr. of Fort Campbell, Ky

Pfc Lindale Morgan of Enfield , NC

Spec 4 Steven W Mullins of Des Moines, Ia

Sgt Michael Murray of Washington, In

Spec 4 Michael A Napier of Middletown, Oh

Sgt 1st Cl Donald C Nelson of Hammond Hts, Ky

Pvt 2 Kenneth J Nelson of Falconer, NY

Staff Sgt Steven R Nelson of Clarksville, Tn

Sgt 1 Cls Joseph A Nertia of Tumon

Sgt Richard S Nichols of Fort Campbell, Ky

Pfc Michael T Nolan of Plymouth, Mn

Sgt Francisco Ocasio, Jr. of Juana Diaz Puerto Rico

Pfc Robert L Olson, 20 of Omaha, Ne

Pvt Gregory Allen Owens, 21 of Louisville, Ky

Spec 4 Gary W Padgett of Vista, Ca

Pfc Theodore L Pafford of Clarksville, Tn

Sgt Jeffrey R Palmisano of Fort Campbell, Ky

CW3 Rudy Parris of Hopkinsville, Ky

Sgt Thomas F Parsons of Washington, Mi

Pvt 2 Vickie S Perry of Enfield, NC

Spec 4 Terry R Pevey of Port Heuneme , Ca

Pvt 2 Alvin Phillips of Oskaloosa, LA

Sgt James D Phillips, Jr. of Fort Campbell, Ky

1st Lt Barry C Powell of Madisonville, Ky

Spec 4 Raimo K Puntanen, Jr., 20 of Chesapeake, Va

Spec 4 Michael R Rah of Fort Campbell, Ky

Capt Terry L Rains, 29 of Clarksville, Tn

Pfc David L Rawls of Fayetteville, NC

Patrick S Reasbeck of Adena, Oh

Pvt Melvin W Reed of Tacoma, Wa

Staff Sgt Jessey T Reynolds of Jamestown, Tn

Pfc Gregory W Richardson of Sterling, Il

Pfc Richard D Rimiller of Bloomingdale, NY

Spec 4 Bobby E Roberts of Fort Worth, Tx

Staff Sgt Wilbur Grant Roberts, Jr., 28 of Clarksville, Tn

Sgt Vergil L Robertson, Jr. of Spencer, In

Sgt Thomas E Robinson, Jr. of Fort Campbell, Ky

Pfc Ronald C Russell of Portsmouth, Va

Spec 4 Ray A Ruth of Walterboro, SC

Spec 4 Ricky A Schmoyer of St Petersburg, Fl

Sgt Peter E Schremp, 24 of Pittsburg, Pa

Spec 4 Gary L Scott of Oak Grove, Ky

Pfc Blanchard T Searcy of Sylvester, Ga

Staff Sgt Ronald W Sears of Bronx, NY

Pfc Frederic C Seitz of Aurora, Oh

Staff Sgt Timothy D Sellner of Fort Campbell, Ky

Pvt 2 Ernest W Serna, 20 of Denver, Co

Pfc Keith Mitchell Schultz, 19 of Schofield, Wi

Spec 4 Michael D Shipley, 27 of Huntingdon, Pa

Pfc James Emerson Shook of Fayetteville, NC

Pfc Robert D Shultz of Veneta, Or

Pfc Carl N Simmons of Banks, Al

Spec 4 George Henry Simmons of Wilmington, NC

Sgt Earl Singleton, 30 of Hugger, SC

Spec 4 Matthew S Sloan of Lakewood, Co

Pvt 2 Clinton D Smith of Conyers, Ga

Sgt 1 Cl Rex V Smith of Fort Campbell, Ky

Pfc Thomas E Smith of Brooksville , Fl

Spec 4 Scott John Smith of Louisville, Ky

Jihad in America

Steve Emmerson's: Jihad In America - The best bloopers are here

Pvt Mark Spearman of Woonsocket, RI

Spec 4 James M Spears of Costa Mesa, Ca

Spec 4 Michael Shayen Stack of St Louis, Mo

Pfc David C Staten of Pontotoc, Ms

Pfc Alexander W Stearn of Lutherville, Md

Spec 4 Dane Stephens, 19 of Littleton, Co

2nd Lt Kip L Stevens of Clarksville, Tn

Sgt Randy S Stewart, 21 of Texarkana, Ar

CW2 Earl C Stone of Fort Campbell, Ky

Pfc Gary L Straub of Benton, Mo

Spec 4 Richard Stringer of Dexter, NY

Pvt 2 Scott A Stritch of Annville, Pa

Sgt Randall K Thomas, 31 of Springdale, Ar

Spec 4 Robert F Thomas of Roslyn, NY

Sgt Danny C Thompson of Fort Campbell, Ky

Spec 4 Scott Bryan Thompson, 22 of South Waverly, Pa

Sgt Christopher G Thornton of Tacoma Park, Md

Sgt Theodore Travis of Niagara Falls, NY

Pvt 2 Thomas N Tucker of Goldon, Co

Staff Sgt Vincent L Turner of Huntsville, Al

Pfc Steven C Venneri, 19 of Flagstone, Or

Pfc Wayne Vinson of Chesapeake, Va

Spec 4 Gregory Walker of Manning, SC

Spec 4 Guy W Walker, 22 of Jacksonville, Ar

Pfc Brian E Wallace of Canoga Park, Ca

Pfc Mark E Wallace of Bozeman, Mt

Sgt 1st Cl Abraham Ward of Chester, SC

Sgt 1st Cl Thomas E West of Clarksville, Tn

Pfc John Charles Wester, 19 o Pittsburg, Pa

Spec 4 Frank C Wheeler of Odell, Tx

Staff Sgt Emery S White, III of Clarksville, Tn

Spec 4 Michael L Whiteman of Dunkirk, Md

Staff Sgt Darnell Wilburn of Chicago, Il

Pvt 2 Franklin R Wilkins, 20 of Shamokin, Pa

Spec 4 James H Williamson of Waynesville, Mo

Sgt Richard N Willingham of Clarksville, Tn

Spec 4 Rodger L Wilson of Dayton, Oh

Staff Sgt James A Winston of West Birmingham, Al

Spec 4 Theodore M Wisson of Port Huron, Mi

2nd Lt John B Witmer of North Brook, Il

Sgt Kevin Michael Witt of Fort Campbell, Ky

Sgt Robert Neil Wolford, II of Tulsa, Ok

Staff Sgt Lawrence A Wood of Everett, Wa

Sgt William L Wooliver of Clarksville, Tn

Spec 4 Virginia Ruth Word, 20 of Warner Robins, Ga

Spec 4 John R Wright of Daleville, Al

Pfc Robert Wyn of Sherwood, Mi

Pfc Cary T Yeargan of Newton, Ks

Spec 4 Cathleen M Ziegler of Novi, Mi


Airport Attacks in Rome and Vienna, December 27, 1985: Four gunmen belonging to the Abu Nidal Organization attacked the El Al and Trans World Airlines ticket counters at Rome's Leonardo da Vinci Airport with grenades and automatic rifles. 5 Americans were killed.

Natasha Simpson, 11 of New York

Frederick Gage of Madison, Wisconsin

John Buonocore III, 20 of Wilmington, Delaware

Don Maland of New Port Richey, Florida

Elena Tomarello, 67 of Naples, Florida


On June 15, 1985 Hezballah Shi'ites brutally beat, tortured and then killed 23 year old Robert Dean Stethem as he was being held hostage aboard TWA 847 commercial airliner. Robert was on his way home after a tour of duty with the US Navy in the Middle East. The terrorists had hijacked the plane with 153 passengers in Athens Greece forcing the pilot to fly twice to Algiers and twice to Beirut during the 17 day siege. The hostages were released after Israel released 435 Lebanese and Palestinian prisoners.


"When the plane was at the Beirut airport in Lebanon, Petty Officer Stethem was singled out because he was in the US military. After many hours of being cruelly beaten, tortured, and finally killed by the terrorists, they threw his body from the plane in a final disgraceful, cowardly act. The wounds were so terrible that his body had to be identified by its fingerprints.

Throughout the ordeal, Robert Stethem did not yield, and instead encouraged his fellow passengers to endure by his example. He was posthumously awarded the Purple Heart and Bronze Star for heroism and bravery. He is buried at Arlington Cemetery."


On April 2, 1986 a bomb exploded onboard TWA Flight 840. Four American passengers, including a 9-month-old infant, were ejected from the aircraft and killed. Five others were wounded as a result of the bomb.

Maria Styllan Klug

Demetra Klug (the infant)

Alberto Ospina

Demetra Stylianopoulos


December 21, 1988 a terrorist bomb exploded on Pan Am Flight 103 over Lockerbie, Scotland on.

Pan Am Flight 103 taxied out of the gate at Heathrow Airport in London at 6:04 p.m. on December 21, 1988 - four days before Christmas. The 243 passengers and 16 crew members were preparing themselves for a relatively long flight to New York. After taxying for a few minutes Flight 103 took off at 6:25 p.m. They had no idea that they only had 38 more minutes to live.

By 6:56 p.m., the plane had reached 31,000 feet. At 7:03 p.m., the plane exploded. Control had just been issuing Flight 103's clearance to start its oceanic segment of their journey to New York, when Flight 103's blip went off their radar. Seconds later the one large blip was replaced with multiple blips traveling downwind.

For the residents of Lockerbie, Scotland, their nightmare was just about to begin. "It was like meteors falling from the sky," described resident Ann McPhail (Newsweek, Jan. 2, 1989, pg. 17). Flight 103 was over Lockerbie when it exploded. Many residents described the sky lighting up and a large, deafening roar.

They soon saw pieces of the plane as well as pieces of bodies landing in fields, in backyards, on fences, and on rooftops. Fuel from the plane was already on fire before it hit the ground; some of it landed on houses, making the houses explode.

One of the plane's wings hit the ground in the southern area of Lockerbie. It hit the ground with such impact that it created a crater 155 feet long, displacing approximately 1500 tons of dirt. The nose of the airplane landed mostly intact in a field about four miles from the town of Lockerbie. Many said the nose reminded them of a fish's head cut off from its body.

Wreckage was strewn over 50 square miles. Twenty-one of Lockerbie's houses were completely destroyed and eleven of its residents were dead. Thus, the total death toll was 270 (the 259 aboard the plane plus the 11 on the ground).




Avonye, Nichole Elizabeth, flight attendant, 44 years, born 05.05.44, Croissy-Sur-Seine, France, French

Avritt, Jerry Don, flight engineer, 46 years, born 30.07.42, Westminster, California, American

Berti, Noelle Lydie, flight attendant, 40 years, born 24.12.47, Paris, France, American

Engstrom, Siv Ulla, flight attendant, 51 years, born 21.09.37, Berkshire, England, Swedish

Franklin, Stacie Denise, flight attendant, 20 years, born 16.02.68, San Diego, California, American

Garrett, Paul Isaac, flight attendant, 41 years, born 16.11.47, Napa, California, American

Kuehne, Elke Etha, flight attendant, 43 years, born 17.03.45, Hanover, Germany, German

Larracoechea, Maria Nieves, flight attendant, 39 years, born 03.03.49, Madrid, Spain, Spanish

MacQuarrie, James Bruce, captain, 55 years, born 30.09.33, Kensington, New Hampshire, American

McAlolooy, Lilibeth Tobila, flight attendant, 27 years, born 02.11.61, Kelsterback, Germany, American

Murphy, Mary Geraldine, purser, 51 years, born 14.05.37, Middlesex, England, British

Reina, Jocelyn, flight attendant, 26 years, born 26.05.62, Isleworth, England, American

Royal, Myra Josephine, flight attendant, 30 years, born 20.12.58, London, England, American

Skabo, Irja Syhnove, flight attendant, 38 years, born 03.07.50, Oslo, Norway, American

Velimirovich, Milutin, chief purser, 35 years, born 14.10.53, Middlesex, England, American

Wagner, Raymond Ronald, first officer, 52 years, born 18.01.36, Pennington, New Jersey, American

Ahern, John Michael Gerard, bond broker, 26 years, born 16.04.62, Rockville Center, New York, American, Seat Number 30C

Aicher, Sarah Margaret, playwright, 29 years, born 09.02.59, London, England, American, Seat Number 46C

Akerstrom, John David, 34 years, born 20.05.54, Medina, Ohio, American, Seat Number 25A

Alexander, Ronald Ely, businessman, 46 years, born 15.07.42, New York, New York, Swiss, seat number 42C

Ammerman, Thomas Joseph, marketing manager, 36 years, born 06.08.52, Old Tappan, New Jersey, American, seat number 16E

Apfelbaum, Martin Lewis, stamp dealer, 59 years, born 16.08.29, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, American, seat number 15H

Asrelsky, Rachel Marie, student, 21 years, born 26.11.67, New York, New York, American, seat number 38D

Atkinson, William Garretson III, engineer, 33 years, born 18.08.55, London, England, American, seat number 15A

Atkinson, Judith Ellen, art historian and consultant, 37 years, born 18.01.51, London, England, American, seat number 15B

Bacciochi, Clare Louise, hair stylist, 19 years, born 15.03.69, Warwickshire, England, British, seat number 50K

Bainbridge, Harry Michael, attorney, 34 years, born 16.11.54, Montrose, New York, American, seat number 4B

Barclay, Stuart Murray, businessman, 29 years, born 28.11.59, Farm Barnard, Vermont, Canadian, seat number 18G

Bell, Jean Mary, 44 years, born 16.03.44, Berkshire, England, British, seat number 5A

Benello, Julian MacBain, student, 25 years, born 28.12.62, Brookline, Massachusetts, American, seat number 23H

Bennett, Lawrence Ray, pharmaceutical chemist, 41 years, born 05.11.47, Chelsea, Michigan, American, seat number 15J

Bergstrom, Philip Vernon, army sergeant, 22 years, born 21.12.66, Forest Lake, Minnesota, American, seat number 46A

Berkley, Alistair David, professor of law, 29 years, born 11.04.59, London, England, American

Bernstein, Michael Stuart, lawyer, U.S. Dept. of Justice, Office of Special Investigation, 36 years, born 03.07.52, Bethesda, Maryland, American, seat number 47D

Berrell, Steven Russell, student, 2O years, born 19.06.68, Fargo, North Dakota, American, seat number 46F

Bhatia, Surinder Mohan, businessman, 51 years, born 21.05.37, Los Angeles, California, American, seat number 34D

Bissett, Kenneth John, student, 21 years, born 19.12.67, Hartsdale, New York, American, seat number 31J

Boatman-Fuller, Diane Anne, playwright, 37 years, born 08.01.53, London, England, American, seat number 22H

Boland, Stephen John, student, 20 years, born 28.09.68, Nashua, New Hampshire, American, seat number 46 G

Bouckley, Glen John, sales, 27 years, born 24.02.61, Liverpool, New York, British, seat number 39K

Bouckley, Paula Marie, sales, 29 years, born 14.10.59, Liverpool, New York, American, seat number 39J

Boulanger, Nicole Elise, student, 21 years, born 28.10.67, Shrewsbury, Massachusetts, American, seat number 28B

Boyer, Francis, 43 years, born 22.06.45, Toulosane, France, French, seat number 9A

Bright, Nicholas, businessman, 32 years, born 29.08.56, Brookline, Massachusetts, American, seat number 13A

Browner (Bier), Daniel Solomon, 23 years, born 20.08.65, Parod, Israel, Israeli, seat number 21A

Brunner, Colleen Renee, student, 20 years, born 01.04.68, Hamburg, New York, American, seat number 44C

Burman, Timothy Guy, banker, 24 years, born 09.10.64, London, England, British, seat number 38G

Buser, Michael Warren, advertising executive, 34 years, born 08.08.54, Ridgefield Park, New Jersey, American, seat number 35B

Buser, Warren Max, civil engineer, 62 years, born 22.09.26, Glen Rock, New Jersey, American, seat number 35A

Butler, Steven Lee, teacher, 35 years, born 30.08.53, Denver, Colorado, American, seat number 36G

Cadman, William Martin, musician, 32 years, born 10.09.56, London, England, British, seat number 29J

Caffarone, Fabiana, 28 years, born 30.09.60, London, England, British, seat number 7B

Caffarone, Hernan, 28 years, born14.12.60, London, England, Argentinean, seat number 7A

Canady, Valerie, auditor, 25 years, born 29.06.63, Morgantown, West Virginia, American, seat number 24K

Capasso, Gregory, student, 21 years, born 12.12.67, Brooklyn, New York, American, seat number 48H

Cardwell, Timothy Michael, student, 21 years, born 05.07.67, Cresco, Pennsylvania, American, seat number 37D

Carlsson, Bernt Wilmar, diplomat, 50 years, born 21.11.38, New York, New York, Swedish, seat number 17H

Cawley, Richard Anthony, businessman, 43 years, born 09.07.45, New York, New York, American, seat number 16J

Ciulla, Frank, banker, 45 years, born 06.08.43, Park Ridge, New Jersey, American, seat number 11B

Cohen, Theodora Eugenia, student, 20 years, born 10.09.68, Port Jervis, New York, American, seat number 21H

Coker, Eric Michael, student, 20 years, born 23.04.68, Mendham, New Jersey, American, seat number 43B

Coker, Jason Michael, student, 20 years, born 23.04.68, Mendham, New Jersey, American, seat number 43A

Colasanti, Gary Leonard, student, 20 years, born 01.08.68, Melrose, Massachusetts, American, seat number 43C

Concannon, Bridget, 53 years, born 13.07.35, Oxfordshire, England, Irish, seat number 33H

Concannon, Sean, 16 years, born 18.02.72, Oxfordshire, England, British, seat number 33J

Concannon, Thomas, 51 years, born 21.11.37, Oxfordshire, England, Irish, seat number 33G

Corner, Tracey Jane, 17 years, born 04.05.71, Sheffield, England, British, seat number 33A

Cory, Scott, student, 20 years, born 27.09.68, Old Lyme Court, Connecticut, American, seat number 46D

Coursey, Willis Larry, military, 40 years, born 25.08.48, San Antonio, Texas, American, seat number 36K

Coyle, Patricia Mary, student, 20 years, born 04.06.68, Wallingford, Connecticut, American, seat number 20B

Cummock, John Binning, 38 years, born 31.05.50, Coral Gables, Florida, American, seat number 3A

Curry, Joseph Patrick, army captain, 31 years, born 21.03.57, Fort Devens, Massachusetts, American, seat number 44K

Daniels, William, Allen, research chemist, 40 years, born 28.03.48, Belle Mead, New Jersey, American, seat number 9H

Dater, Gretchen Joyce, student, 20 years, born 17.05.68, Ramsey, New Jersey, American, seat number 52J

Davis, Shannon, student, 19 years, born 19.02.69, Shelton, Connecticut, American, seat number 31A

Della-Ripa, Gabriel, Pan Am Airlines employee, 46 years, born 03.04.42, Floral Park, New York, Italian, seat number 2B

DiMauro, Joyce Christine, marketing director, 32 years, born 09.05.56, New York, New York, American, seat number 11J

DiNardo, Gianfranca, 26 years, born 14.10.62, London, England, Italian, seat number 20C

Dix, Peter Thomas Stanley, management consultant, 35 years, born 06.05.53, London, England, Irish, seat number 14B

Dixit, Om, college professor, 54 years, born 29.12.33, Fairborn, Ohio, Indian, seat number 24A

Dixit, Shanti, 54 years, born 14.12.34, Fairborn, Ohio, American, seat number 24B

Dornstein, David Scott, student, 25 years, born 03.04.63, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, American, seat number 40K

Doyle, Michael Joseph, accountant, 30 years, born 21.05.58, Voorhees, New Jersey, American, seat number 9B

Eggleston, Edgar Howard III, air force sergeant, 24 years, born 13.10.64, Glens Falls, New York, American, seat number 32D

Ergin, Turhan, student, 22 years, born 14.05.66, West Hartford, Connecticut, American, seat number 28C

Fisher, Charles Thomas IV, banker, 34 years, born 24.12.53, London, England, American, seat number 25K

Flick, Clayton Lee, businessman, 25 years, born 23.02.63, Coventry, England, British, seat number 50J

Flynn, John Patrick, student, 21 years, born 24.11.67, Montville, New Jersey, American, seat number 45A

Fondiler, Arthur, attorney, 33 years, born 12.12.55, West Armonk, New York, American, seat number 47C

Fortune, Robert Gerard, insurance executive, 40 years, born 24.07.48, Jackson Heights, New York, American, seat number 1A

Freeman, Paul Matthew Stephen, 25 years, born 02.04.63, London, England, Canadian, Seat Number 46B

Fuller, James Ralph, corporate vice president, 50 years, born 17.09.38, Bloomfield Hills, Michigan, America, seat number 3H

Gabor, Ibolya Robertine, 79 years, born 14.06.09, Budapest, Hungary, Hungarian, seat number 26F

Gallagher, Amy Beth, student, 22 years, born 30.08.66, Pointe Claire, Quebec, Canada, American, seat number 23G

Gannon, Matthew Kevin, foreign service officer, 34 years, born 11.08.54, Los Angeles, California, American, seat number 14J

Garczynski, Kenneth Raymond, industrial engineer, 37 years, born 17.10.51, North Brunswick, New Jersey, American, seat number 47K

Gibson, Kenneth James, army specialist four, 20 years, born 16.02.68, Romulus, Michigan, American, seat number 48K

Giebler, William David, bond broker, 29 years, born 08.07.59, London, England, American, seat number 30B

Gordon, Olive Leonora, 25 years, born 09.03.63, London, England, British, seat number 45G

Gordon-Gorgacz, Linda Susan, 39 years, born 15.09.49, London, England, American, seat number 37A

Gorgacz, Anne Madelene, 76 years, born 27.09.12, Newcastle, Pennsylvania, American, seat number 38A

Gorgacz, Loretta Anne, 47 years, born 15.03.41, Newcastle, Pennsylvania, American, seat number 37B

Gould, David, college professor, 45 years, born 03.01.43, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, American, seat number 22C

Guevorgian, Andre Nikolai, businessman, 32 years, born 11.11.56, Sea Cliff, New York, American, seat number 11A

Hall, Nicola Jane, 23 years, born 03.02.65, Sandton, South Africa, South African, seat number 23K

Halsch, Lorraine Frances, special education teacher, 31 years, born 06.11.57, Fairport, New York, American, seat number 35C

Hartunian, Lynne Carol, student, 21 years, born 13.03.67, Schenectady, New York, American, seat number 44A

Hawkins, Anthony Lacey, businessman, 57 years, born 13.11.31, Brooklyn, New York, British, seat number 28K

Herbert, Pamela Elaine, student, 19 years, born 27.03.69, Battle Creek, Michigan, American, seat number 37J

Hilbert, Rodney Peter, 40 years, born 19.07.48, Newton, Pennsylvania, American, seat number 16H

Hill, Alfred, 29 years, born 29.06.59, Sonthofen, Germany, German, seat number 14A

Hollister, Katherine Augusta, student, 20 years, born 26.08.68, Rego Park, New York, American, seat number 54C

Hudson, Josephine Lisa, nurse, 22 years, born 14.05.66, London, England, British, seat number 50D

Hudson, Melina Kristina, student, 16 years, born 25.01.72, Albany, New York, seat number American 29A

Hudson, Sophie Ailette Miriam, 26 years, born 22.09.62, Paris, France, French, seat number 29H

Hunt, Karen Lee, student, 20 years, born 07.01.68, Webster, New York, American, seat number 31K

Hurst, Roger Elwood, marketing manager, 38 years, born 12.07.50, Ringwood, New Jersey, American, seat number 2H

Ivell, Elizabeth Sophie, dog handler, 19 years, born 21.04.69, East Sussex, England, British, seat number 19C

Jaafar, Khalid Nazir, student, 20 years, born 01.05.68, Dearborn, Michigan, American, seat number 53K

Jeck, Robert van Houten, 57 years, born 08.10.31, Mountain Lakes, New Jersey, American, seat number 4J

Jeffreys, Paul Avron, musician, 36 years, born 13.02.52, Surrey, England, British, seat number 38J

Jeffreys, Rachel, advertising executive, 23, years, born 29.04.65, Surrey, England, British, seat number 38H

Jermyn, Kathleen Mary, student, 20 years, born 27.12.67, Staten Island, New York, American, seat number 49A

Johnson, Beth Ann, student, 21 years, born 24.03.67, Greensburg, Pennsylvania, American, seat number 36B

Johnson, Mary Alice Lincoln, student, 25 years, born 14.06.63, Wayland, Massachusetts, American, seat number 33D

Johnson, Timothy Baron, student, 21 years, born 30.11.67, Neptune, New Jersey, American, seat number 26A

Jones, Christopher Andrew, student, 20 years, born 04.03.68, Claverack, New York, American, seat number 52K

Kelly, Julianne Frances, student, 20 years, born 27.06.68, Dedham, Massachusetts, American, seat number 21E

Kingham, Jay Joseph, pharmaceuticals executive, 44 years, born 03.03.44, Potomac, Maryland, American, seat number 5B

Klein, Patricia Ann, social worker, 35 years, born 16.06.53, Trenton, New Jersey, American, seat number 28A

Kosmowski, Gregory, marketing executive, 40 years, born 08.10.48, MiIford, Michigan, American, seat number 8H

Kulukundis, Minas Christopher, ship brokerage director, 38 years, born 17.12.50, London, England, British, seat number 51K

LaRiviere, Ronald Albert, 33 years, born 19.11.55, Alexandria, Virginia, American, seat number 20H

Leckburg, Robert Milton, engineer, 30 years, born 12.10.58, Piscataway, New Jersey, seat number American 34C

Leyrer, William Chase, businessman, 46 years, born 24.08.42, Bay Shore, New York, American 2J

Lincoln, Wendy Anne, student, 23 years, born 21.01.65, North Adams, Massachusetts, American, seat number 28D

Lowenstein, Alexander Silas, student, 21 years, born 25.02.67, Morristown, New Jersey, American, seat number 20D

Ludlow, Lloyd David, army sergeant first class, 41 years, born 06.02.47, Macksville, Kansas, American, seat number 51A

Lurbke, Maria Theresia, 25 years, born 26.11.63, Balve Beckum, Germany, German, seat number 52A

Mack, William Edward, puppeteer, 30 years, born 24.04.58, New York, New York, American, seat number 36B

Malicote, Douglas Eugene, army specialist four, 22 years, born 31.08.66, Lebanon, Ohio, American, seat number 48B

Malicote, Wendy Gay, 21 years, born 31.07.67, Lebanon, Ohio, American, seat number 48A

Marek, Elizabeth Lillian, actress and peace activist, 30 years, born 17.02.58, New York, New York, American, seat number 36C

Marengo, Louis Anthony, marketing director, 33 years, born 09.02.55, Rochester, Michigan, American, seat number 3J

Martin, Noel George, 27 years, born 31.05.61, Clapton, England, Jamaican, seat number 53A

Maslowski, Diane Marie, currency trader, 30 years, born 10.08.58, New York, American, seat number 8B

McAllister, William John, 26 years, born 18.10.62 in the Isle of Mull, Argyll, Scotland , Scottish, seat number 14E

McCarthy, Daniel Emmet, banker, 31 years, born 02.11.57, Brooklyn, New York, American, seat number 6B

McCollum, Robert Eugene, university professor, 61 years, born 12.05.27, Wayne, Pennsylvania, American, seat number 7J

McKee, Charles Dennis, army major, 40 years, born 03.12.48 , Arlington, Virginia, American, seat number 15F

McLaughlin, Bernard Joseph, marketing manager, 30 years, born 12.12.58, Cranston, Rhode Island, American, seat number 36A

Melber, Jane Susan, musician and teacher, 27 years, born 01.01.61, Middlesex, England, American, seat number 27H

Merrill, John, seaman, 35 years, born 11.07.53, Hertfordshire, England, British, seat number 37K

Miazga, Suzanne Marie, student, 22 years, born 31.07.66, Marcy, New York, American, seat number 23A

Miller, Joseph Kenneth, accounting firm executive, 56 years, born 27.05.32, Woodmere, New York, American, seat number 10B

Mitchell, Jewel Courtney, army second lieutenant, 32 years, born 14.06.56, Brooklyn, New York, American, seat number 27A

Monetti, Richard Paul, student, 20 years, born 11.09.68, Cherry Hill, New Jersey, American, seat number 20E

Morgan, Jane Ann, attorney, 37 years, born 19.03.51, London, England, American, seat number 42A

Morson, Eva Ingeborg, 48 years, born 29.04.40, New, York, New York, American, seat number 19G

Mosey, Helga Rachael, student, 19 years, born 21.09.69, West Midlands, England, British, seat number 22K

Mulroy, Ingrid Elizabeth, 25 years, born 22.04.63, Lund, Sweden, Swedish, seat number 34J

Mulroy, John, journalist, 59 years, born 01.04.29, East Northport, New York, American, seat number 34G

Mulroy, Sean Kevin, 25 years, born 03.05.63, Lund, Sweden, American, seat number 34H

Noonan, Karen Elizabeth, student, 20 years, born 26.12.67, Potomac, Maryland, American, seat number 20A

O'Connor, Daniel Emmett, U.S. diplomatic service, 31 years, born 22.09.57, Dorchester, Massachusetts, American, seat number 25H

O'Neil, Mary Denice, student, 2l years, born 02.04.67, Bronx, New York, American, seat number 38K

Otenasek, Anne Lindsey, student, 21 years, born 31.01.67, Baltimore, Maryland, American, seat number 45K

Owen, Bryony Elise, 1 year, born 29.04.87, Bristol, England, British, seat number 19D

Owen, Gwyneth Yvonne Margaret, student, 29 years, born 03.05.59, Bristol, England, British, seat number 19D

Owens, Laura Abigail, 8 years, born 01.01.80, Cherry Hill, New Jersey, American, seat number 35K

Owens, Martha, 44 years, born 02.06.44, Cherry Hill, New Jersey, American, seat number 35H

Owens, Robert Plack, 45 years, born 05.03.43, Cherry Hill, New Jersey, American, seat number 35G

Owens, Sarah Rebecca, 14 years, born 09.12.74, Cherry Hill, New Jersey, American, seat number 35J

Pagnucco, Robert Italo, attorney, 51 years, born 20.10.37, South Salem, New York, American, seat number 4A

Papadopoulos, Christos Michael, 45 years, born 11.11.43, North Lawrence, New York, American, seat number 17A

Peirce, Peter Raymond, architect and student, 40 years, born 28.09.48, Perrysburg, Ohio, American, seat number 47G

Pescatore, Michael, businessman, 33 years, born 06.09.55, Solon, Ohio, American, seat number 17J

Philipps, Sarah Susannah Buchanan, student, 20 years, born 15.08.68, Newtonville, Massachusetts, American, seat number 49C

Phillips, Frederick Sandford, student, 27 years, born 08.05.61, Little Rock, Arkansas, American, seat number 21F

Pitt, James Andrew Campbell, student, 24 years, born 06.11.64, South Hadley, Massachusetts, American, seat number 29K

Platt, David, architect, 33 years, born 13.12.55, Staten Island, New York, American, seat number 8A

Porter, Walter Leonard, musician, 35 years, born 10.03.53, Brooklyn, New York, American, seat number 25C

Posen, Pamela Lynn, student, 20 years, born 30.01.68, Harrison, New York, American, seat number 26K

Pugh, William, businessman, 56 years, born 29.02.32, Margate, New Jersey, American, seat number 21D

Quiguyan, Crisostomo Estrella, hotel cashier, 43 years, born 16.03.45, London, England, Filipino, seat number 30A

Ramses, Rajesh Tarsis Priskel, 35 years, born 26.05.53, Leicester, England, Indian, seat number 22A

Rattan, Anmol, 2 years, born 24.09.86, Warren, Michigan. American, seat number 24C

Rattan, Garima, computer programmer, 29 years, born 15.07.59, Warren, Michigan, American, seat number 23D

Rattan, Suruchi, 3 years, born 20.06.85, Warren, Michigan. American, seat number 23E

Reeves, Anita Lynn, 24 years, born 03.09.64, Laurel, Maryland, American, seat number 45D

Rein, Mark Alan, businessman, 44 years, born 12.02.44, New York, New York, American, seat number 2A

Rencevicz, Diane Marie, student, 21 years, born 13.07.67, Burlington, New Jersey, American, seat number 29G

Rogers, Louise Ann, student, 20 years, born 13.02.67, Olney, Maryland, American, seat number 29D

Roller, Edina, 5 years, born 24.11.83, Hungary, Hungarian, seat number 26D

Roller, Janos Gabor, 29 years, born 26.03.59, Hungary, Hungarian, seat number 26E

Roller, Zsuzsana, 27 years, born 21.12.61, Hungary, Hungarian, seat number 26G

Root, Hanne Maria, management consultant, 26 years, born 15.12.62, Toronto, Canada, Canadian, seat number 34K

Rosen, Saul Mark, businessman, 35 years, born 24.11.53, Morris Plains, New Jersey, American, seat number 32A

Rosenthal, Andrea Victoria, student, 22 years, born 05.02.66, New York, New York, American, seat number 35D

Rosenthal, Daniel Peter, student, 20 years, born 02.06.68, Staten Island, New York, American, seat number 21J

Rubin, Arnaud David, 28 years, born 18.05.60, Waterloo, Belgium, Belgian, seat number 39G

Saraceni, Elyse Jeanne, student, 20 years, born 01.06.68, East London, England, American, seat number 36D

Saunders, Scott Christopher, student, 21 years, born 20.05.67, Macungie, Pennsylvania, American, seat number 24D

Saunders, Theresa Elizabeth Jane, marketing, 28 years, born 24.10.60, Sunbury-on-Thames, England, British, seat number 14F

Schauble, Johannes Otto, 41 years, born 08.08.47, Kappellenweg, Germany, German, seat number 49K

Schlageter, Robert Thomas, student, 20 years, born 12.08.68, Warwick, Rhode Island American, seat number 28G

Schultz, Thomas Britton, student, 20, years, born 05.01.68, Ridgefield, Connecticut, American, seat number 45C

Scott, Sally Elizabeth, chef, 22 years, born 17.01.66, Huntington, New York, British, seat number 56G

Shapiro, Amy Elizabeth, student, 21 years, born 28.10.67, Stamford, Connecticut, American, seat number 37G

Shastri, Mridula, 24 years, born 12.02.64, Oxford, England, Indian, seat number 24H

Sheanshang, Joan, 46 years, born 16.12.42, New York, New York, American, seat number 41C

Sigal, Irving Stanley, research biologist, 35 years, born 23.05.53, Pennington, New Jersey, American, seat number 13B

Simpson, Martin Bernard Christopher, financier, 52 years, born 25.10.36, Brooklyn, New York, American, seat number 27K

Smith, Cynthia Joan, student, 21 years, born 06.10.67, Milton, Massachusetts, American, seat number 41A

Smith, Ingrid Anita, chiropodist, 31 years, born 12.11.57, Berkshire, England, British, seat number 4H

Smith, James Alvin, 55 years, born 11.03.33, New York, New York, American, seat number 27G

Smith, Mary Edna, army sergeant, 34 years, born 14.07.54, Kalamazoo, Michigan, American, seat number 34A

Stevenson, Geraldine Anne, 37 years, born 31.03.51, Surrey, England, British, seat number 22E

Stevenson, Hannah Louise, 10 years, born 23.09.78, Surrey, England, British, seat number 22F

Stevenson, John Charles, 38 years, born 13.09.50, Surrey, England, British, seat number 22D

Stevenson, Rachael, 8 years, born 01.09.80, Surrey, England, British, seat number 22G

Stinnett, Charlotte Ann, 36 years, born 07.02.52, Duncanville, Texas, American, seat number 19J

Stinnett, Michael Gary, army specialist, 26 years, born 27.05.62, Duncanville, Texas, American, seat number 19H

Stinnett, Stacey Leanne, 9 years, born 30.07.79, Duncanville, Texas, American, seat number 19K

Stow, James Ralph, businessman, 49 years, born 18.07.39, New York, New York, American, seat number 15E

Stratis, Elia G., accountant, 43 years, born 17.06.45, Montvale, New Jersey, American, seat number 1B

Swan, Anthony Selwyn, 29 years, born 15.05.59, Brooklyn, New York, Trinidadian, seat number 41K

Swire, Flora MacDonald Margaret, medical student and researcher, 24 years, born 22.12.64, London, England, British, seat number 39D

Tager, Marc Alex, 22 years, born 03.08.66, London, England, British, seat number 26H

Tanaka, Hidekazu, 26 years, born 13.05.62, London, England, Japanese, seat number 24G

Teran, Andrew Alexander, student, 20 years, born 31.08.68, New Haven, Connecticut, Bolivian, seat number 27D

Thomas, Arva Anthony, student, 17 years, born 26.04.71, Detroit, Michigan, American, seat number 19A

Thomas, Jonathan Ryan, 2 months, born 29.09.88, Southfield, Michigan, American, seat number 32K

Thomas, Lawanda, air force sergeant, 21 years, born 17.02.67, Southfield, Michigan, American, seat number 32K

Tobin, Mark Lawrence, student, 21 years, born 04.04.67, North Hempstead, New York, American, seat number 32G

Trimmer-Smith, David William, publishing executive, 51 years, born 26.04.37, New York, New York, American, seat number 12A

Tsairis, Alexia Kathryn, student, 20 years, born 06.07.68, Franklin Lakes, New Jersey, American, seat number 21G

Valentino, Barry Joseph, exhibit designer, 28 years, born 25.02.60, San Francisco, California, American, seat number 20G

Van-Tienhoven, Thomas Floro, 45 years, born 30.05.43, Buenos Aires, Argentina, Argentinean, seat number 2B

Vejdany, Asaad Eidi, 46 years, born 24.02.42, South Great Neck, New York, American, seat number 20C

Vrenios, Nicholas Andreas, student, 20 years, born 20.08.68, Washington, DC, American, seat number 46E

Vulcu, Peter, stockbroker and student, 21 years, born 01.08.67, Alliance, Ohio, American, seat number 20K

Waido, Janina Jozefa, 61 years, born 19.03.27, Chicago, Illinois, American, seat number 50A

Walker, Thomas Edwin, electronics specialist, 47 years, born 11.12.41, Quincy, Massachusetts, American, seat number 16A

Weedon, Kesha, student, 20 years, born 02.10.68, Bronx, New York, American, seat number 37H

Weston, Jerome Lee, engineer, 45 years, born 11.11.43, Baldwin, New York, American, seat number 10A

White, Jonathan, accountant, 33 years, born 14.07.55, North Hollywood, California, American, seat number 55J

Williams, Bonnie Leigh, military, 21 years, born 12.01.67, Crown Point, New York, American, seat number 46K

Williams, Brittany Leigh, 2 months, born 13.10.88, Crown Point, New York, American, seat number 46J

Williams, Eric Jon, army sergeant, 24 years, born 15.08.64, Crown Point, New York, American, seat number 46J

Williams, George Waterson, army first lieutenant, 24 years, born 17.05.64, Joppa, Maryland, American, seat number 33K

Williams, Stephanie Leigh, 1 year, born 23.05.87, Crown Point, New York, American, seat number 46K

Wolfe, Miriam Luby, student, 20 years, born 26.09.68, Severna Park, Maryland, American, seat number 21K

Woods, Chelsea Marie, 10 months, born 06.02.88, Willingboro, New Jersey, American, seat number 25F

Woods, Dedera Lynn, air force sergeant, 27 years, born 04.02.61, Willingboro, New Jersey, American, seat number 25G

Woods, Joe Nathan, civilian military worker, 28 years, born 05.03.60, Willingboro, New Jersey, American, seat number 25D

Woods, Joe Nathan, Jr., 2 years, born 24.09.86, Willingboro, New Jersey, American, seat number 25E

Wright, Andrew Christopher Gillies, site agent, 24 years, born 02.05.64, Surrey, England, British, seat number 55G

Zwynenburg, Mark James, investment banker, 29 years, born 14.10.59, West Nyack, New York, American, seat number 12B


26 February 1993: The First World Trade Center Bombing


At 12:18 p.m., a terrorist bomb explodes in a parking garage of the World Trade Center in New York City, leaving a crater 60 feet wide and causing the collapse of several steel-reinforced concrete floors in the vicinity of the blast. Although the terrorist bomb failed to critically damage the main structure of the skyscrapers, six people were killed and more than 1,000 were injured. The World Trade Center itself suffered more than $500 million in damage. After the attack, authorities evacuated 50,000 people from the buildings, hundreds of whom were suffering from smoke inhalation. The evacuation lasted the whole afternoon.

Bob Kirkpatrick, 61,

Steven Knapp, 47,

Bill Macko, 57,

Monica Rodriguez Smith

Wilfred Mercado, 37,

John DiGiovanni, 45,


March 8. 1995--Karachi, Pakistan, The ambush of a U.S. Consulate van by masked gunmen killed two Americans

Gary C. Durell, 45, from Alliance, Ohio,

Jackie Van Landingham, 33, from Camden, S.C.,



On the evening of July 17th, 1996, TWA flight 800 was shot done by Hezbollah using stinger missals.


Aikey, Jessica

Allen, L. (2)

Alex, Christian

Alexander, Matthew, Florence, S.C.

Amlund, Svein

Anderson, Jay, 49, Larson Woods, Mo.

Anderson, Patricia, 42, Larson Woods, Mo.

Anderson, Seana, St. Louis

Babb, David, 13, Volant, Penn.

Baszczewski, Daniel

Beatty, Charles

Becker, Michelle, St. Petersburg, Fla.

Bellazoug, Miriam, 30, New York

Benjamin, Arthur, Philadelphia

Benjamin, Joan, Philadelphia

Berthe, Line

Berthe, Maurice

Bluestone, Nicolas, Pound Ridge, N.Y.

Bohlin, Michelle

Bossuyt, Luc

Bouhs, Leonie

Bower, Jordan

Breistroff, Michel

Brooks, Edwin, 81, Edgarton, Mass.

Brooks, Ruth, 79, Edgertown, Mass.

Bottaroni, Mirko, Fano, Italy

Caillaud, Daniel

Caillaud, Anthony

Carven, Paula, Bel Air, Md.

Carven, Jay, 9, Bel Air, Md.

Cayrol, Jacques

Chaillou, Jenny

Chanson, Ludovic, 12, Garancieres, France

Chemtob, Monique

Coiner, Constance, 48, Binghamton, N.Y.

Cox, Monica

Darley, Francois

Deboisredon, Cybele, Bordeaux, France

Delange, Sylvain

Delouvrier, Judith

Dhuimieres, Dominques

Dickey, Deborah, Montoursville, Penn.

Dickey, Douglas, Montoursville, Penn.

D'Lorio-Baily, Christine, Prato, Italy

D'Lorio, Pietro, Prato, Italy

Duarte-Coiner, Ana, Binghamton, N.Y.

DuPont, Guy

Dwyer, Larkyn

Ellison, Marie

Ersoz, Clara

Ersoz, Namik

Estival, Alexandre

Feeney, Deidre

Feeney, Vera

Ferrat, MR

Foster, Rod

Fouldon, Didier

Fry, Carol

Furlano, Rosaria

Gabor, Daniel, 27, Fayetteville, Ark. and Walnut Creek, Calif.

Gaetke, Daniel, Kansas City

Gaetke, Stephanie, Kansas City

Gallagher, Claire

Galland, Jean Paul

Gasq, C. (2)

Gough, Ana

Gough, Donald

Graham, Steven, 38, Naples, Calif.

Gray, Hank, 47, Memphis

Greene, Renee

Griffith, Donna

Grimm, Julia

Grivet, Cyril, Menio Park, Calif.

Gustin, Anne

Hammer, Beverly, Long Island, N.Y.

Hammer, Traci, Long Island, N.Y.

Hansen, Lars Groenbakken

Harris, Lawrence

Haurani, G., Grouse Point Shores, Mich.

Haurani, N., Grouse Point Shores, Mich.

Hazelton, Sandra

Hettler, Rance

Hill, Susan

Hochard, Jean Pierre

Hogan, David

Holst, Virginia

Holst, Eric

Hurd, J.

Jacquenot, Benoit

Jensen, Susanne

Johns, Courtneye, Clarkston, Mich.

Johnson, Jed, New York

Johnson, Leonard, Springfield, Va.

Johnson, Eleanor, Springfield, Va.

Jones, Romana

Karschner, Amanda

Krikhan, Margot

Krukar, Andrew, 40

Kwiat, Patricia

Kwiat, Kimberly

Labys, Jane, Morgantown, W.Va.

Lacailledesse, Antoine

Laforge, Alain

Lamour, Yvon

Lohan, Britta

Loudenslager, Jody, Montoursville, Penn.

Lucien, Dalila, 17

Loo, Patricia

Lychner, Pam

Lychner, Shannon

Lychner, Katie

Manchuelle, Francois

Maresq, Etienne

Maresq, Nicolas

Martin, Betty Ruth, Belleville, Ill.

Mazzola, Salvator, Palermo, Italy

Mercurio, Giuseppe, Palo del Colle, Italy

Merieux, Rodolphe

Meshulam, Avishaim

Miller, Elizabeth

Miller, Robert

Miller, Joan, Fairfield, Conn.

Miller, Amy, Andreas, Penn.

Miller, Kyle, Andreas, Penn.

Michel, Pascal

Murta, Angela, New York

Nelson, A. (2)

Nibert, Cheryl

Notes, Gadi

O'Hara, Caitlin, Irvington, N.Y.

O'Hara, Janet, Irvington, N.Y.

O'Hara, John, Irvington, N.Y.

Olsen, Rebecca, St. Petersberg, Fla.

Omiccioli, Monica, Fano, Italy

Orman, Alan

Ostachiewicz, Elsie (2)

Paquet, Ingrid

Paquet, Huguette

Pares, Serge

Penzer, Judy

Percy, Marion, Tuckahoe, N.Y.

Price, Peggy, Englewood, Colo.

Price, Dennis, Englewood, Colo.

Privette, Brenda, Stevenson, Ala.

Puhlmann, Rico

Puichaud, Elizabeth, Paris

Remy, Jacqueline

Rhein, Kirk

Rhoads, S.

Richey, Brent

Richter, Annelyse

Richter, Noemie

Rio, Celine

Rogers, Kimberly

Rojany, Yon, Studio City, Calif.

Romangna, Barbara

Rose, Katrina

Rupert, Judith

Scott, Barbara, Stevenson, Ala.

Scott, Joseph, Stevenson, Ala.

Scott, Michael, Stevenson, Ala.

Siebert, Brenna, Jefferson City, Mo.

Siebert, Chrisha, Jefferson City, Mo.

Shorter, Anamaria

Silverman, Candace, Los Angeles

Silverman, Etta, Los Angeles

Silverman, Gene, Los Angeles

Silverman, Jamie, Los Angeles

Skjold, Miss K.

Story, Bill

Straus, Carine

Teang, Lydie

Teang, Rachana

Thierty, Josette

Tofani, Mauro, Prato, Italy

Uzupis, Larissa

Vanepps, Lois

Watson, Jacquelin

Watson, Jill

Weaver, Monica

Weatherby, Thomas, Jefferson City, Mo.

Windmiller, Ruben

Wolfson, Eleanor

Wolfson, Wendy

Wolters, Bonnie, Brooklyn, N.Y.

Yee, Judith, New York

Zara, Jean

Operating Cockpit Crew:

Capt. Steven E. Snyder, 57, Stratford, Conn.

Capt. Ralph G. Kevorkian, 58, Garden Grove, Calif.

Flight Engineer Richard G. Campbell, 63, Ridgefield, Conn.

Flight Engineer Oliver Krick, 25, Lake St. Louis, Mo.

Deadheading Crew:

Capt. Gid Miller, 57, Sarasota, Fla.

First Officer R.L. Verhaeghe, 48, Goldsboro, N.C.

Flight Engineer D.A. Eshleman, 35, Aurora, Colo.

Operating Flight Attendants:

Charbonnier, Jacque, 66, Huntington Station, N.Y.

Callas, Dan, 22, Philadelphia

Charbonnier, Constance, 49, Huntington Station, N.Y.

Christopher, Janet, 48, Stamford Heights, Penn.

DiLuccio, Deb

Lang, Ray, 51, North Massapequa, N.Y.

Lockhart, Maureen, 49, Kansas City

Meade, Sandra, 42, Camano Island, Wash.

Melotin, Grace, 48, Coronna, N.Y.

Rhoads, Marit, 48, Belleville, Wash.

Schuldt, Mike, 51, Safety Harbor, Fla.

Torche, Melinda, 47, Irvine, Calif.

Ziemkiewiicz, Jill, 24, Rutherford, N.J.

Deadheading Crew:

Aikens-Bellamy, Sandra, 49, St. Albans, N.Y.

Braman, Rosie, 47, Hoboken, N.J.

Dodge, Warren, 50, Brentwood, N.H.

Edwards, Daryl, 41, Jersey City, N.J.

Griffith, Joanne, 39, Brooklyn, N.Y.

Harkness, Eric, 23, Birchwood, Ohio

Hull, James, 46, Southampton, Penn.

Ingenhuett, Lonnie, 43, Scottsdale, Ariz.

Loffredo, Elaine, 50, Glastonbury, Conn.

Luevano, Eli, 42, Albuquerque, N.M.

McPherson, Pamela, 45, Atlanta

Simmons, Olivia, 50, Orange, N.J.

Warren, Lani, 48, Sherman Oaks, Calif.

The September 11, 2001 attacks (often referred to as 9/11) were a series of coordinated suicide attacks by Muslims upon the United States. On that morning, Muslim terrorists hijacked four commercial passenger jet airliners. The hijackers intentionally crashed two of the airliners into the World Trade Center in New York City, resulting in the collapse of both buildings soon afterward and extensive damage to nearby buildings. The hijackers crashed a third airliner into the Pentagon. The fourth plane crashed into a field near Shanksville in rural Somerset County, Pennsylvania after passengers and members of the flight crew on the fourth aircraft attempted to retake control of their plane.

Excluding the 19 hijackers, 2,974 people died as an immediate result of the attacks with another 24 missing and presumed dead. The overwhelming majority of casualties were civilians, including nationals from over 90 different countries.

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